Right On, Rodarte!

Frugal Fashion
I’m thrilled to announce that come this Sunday, December 20, the Rodarte for Target collection will be available nationwide. Rodarte, one of my favorite shabby-chic lines (think Mary Kate Olsen) can be credited with single-handedly bringing back grungewear, particularly such tattered sweaters as were popular circa 1992, though their price point always hit a little high for my taste.

Now, however, in teaming with Target, Rodarte allows us to stock up on copious amounts of lace, tulle and sequins without breaking the bank (lord knows it doesn’t take much these days, am I right?). Get a preview of the full line below, so you'll know what to make a run for on Sunday; Rodarte lovers and Target shoppers aren’t the type to let things hang around for long!

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