Hit the Nails on the Head

A woman’s nail polish shade is an intimate choice, as it can feel to her like a reflection of both her taste and personality. Some prefer soft pinks and neutral beiges. Others prefer striking blacks and deep purples (that typically look like striking blacks). Many fall somewhere in between, with a penchant for hues ranging from fire-engine reds to powder blues. Despite the varying color preferences women express, most can agree on one thing: less chipping equals a better polish.

Enter: Minx. The new-age polish alternative comes in the form of a film that is pressed on using heat, whose chemical-free, foil-like consistency prevents chipping (so your mani lasts a lot longer) and nail damage (so your nail beds last a lot longer). What’s more, since they come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including shiny silver and slithery snakeskin, Minx has something for everyone. Yes, even you, picky polish peruser—if it’s good enough for BeyoncĂ© and Blake, I do believe it’s good enough for you. To get your future on, stop by Entebello in Atlanta or visit minxnails.com for a list of salons in your area.

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